Heritage Surveys, Inc.


Celebrating 40 Years of Service




Celebrating 42 Years of Service


Heritage Surveys, Inc. has been serving the communities of Western Massachusetts for 40 years. Our highly knowledgeable, experienced and friendly staff members work with a wide variety of clients including those with residential, commercial or municipal properties, as well as architects and other professionals.

We provide the following services:

  • Boundary, Topographical, and Construction Layout Surveys
  • Mortgage Inspection, ALTA/ACSM Title Insurance & Land Court Surveys
  • Municipal Roadway & Utility Surveys
  • Engineering design for Subdivisions, Individual Sites, and Roadways
  • CAD design for Architects and Engineers
  • Deed Studies and Historical Research
  • Percolation & Soil Testing by Certified Soil Evaluators
  • Wetland Identification and Permitting



241 College Hwy
Southampton, MA 01073


Mailing address:
241 College Hwy, PO Box 1
Southampton, MA 01073-0001
(413) 527-3600

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  • Agawam
  • Blandford
  • Brimfield
  • Chester
  • Chicopee
  • East Longmeadow
  • Granville
  • Hampden
  • Holland
  • Holyoke
  • Longmeadow
  • Ludlow
  • Monson
  • Montgomery
  • Southwick
  • Springfield
  • Tolland
  • Wales
  • Ware
  • West Springfield
  • Westfield
  • Wibraham



  • Ashfield
  • Bernardston
  • Buckland
  • Charlemont
  • Colrain
  • Conway
  • Deerfield
  • Erving
  • Gill
  • Greenfield
  • Hawley
  • Heath
  • Leverett
  • Leyden
  • Monroe
  • Montague
  • New Salem
  • Northfield
  • Orange
  • Rowe
  • Shelburne
  • Shutesbury
  • Sunderland
  • Wendell
  • Whately

The land surveyors and professionals of Heritage Surveys, Inc. both work and live in the towns of Western Massachusetts. After forty years of working closely with the many commitees and individuals of the diverse towns and cities of Western Massachusetts, Heritage Surveys, Inc. knows how to get the job done. We have worked with the homeowner, the Select Board, the Zoning Board, the Conservation Commission, the real estate professional, the land developer and the economic planner. Land surveying and site development require a knowledge of many diverse disciplines and intricacies including soil evaluation, percolation tests for septic design, aerial photogrammetry, historical deed research, cad design, stormwater runoff impact, compliance with the Wetlands Protection Act and knowledge of local zoning regulations. Heritage Surveys, Inc. has a unique knowledge and added interest in the area as reflected in their interest in local ephemera, history, and books. Heritage Surveys, Inc also runs Heritage Books (www.heritagebks.com), a repository of thousands of books and pieces of ephemera, many related to Western Massachusetts.